Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sons of Anarchy 4.07 "Fruit for the Crows" reactions

I'm telling you right now, that if you watch this show and have not watched this episode yet, close this window and don't come back until you watch it, because I am going to spoil maybe the best episode of the whole series so far.

And we thought last week's episode was shocking.

Honestly I didn't even care about anything else that happened in this episode. I think Tara needs to grow a pair and realize exactly what kind of life she is going to be marrying into.

Let's move on with the couple things that I do what to talk about. The tension between all the Sons has been high since the beginning of this season. We all knew it was all going to explode eventually. And with Bobby calling a challenge on Clay's leadership of the Club, it's just getting started. I seriously gasped and screamed at my television. Bobby was the last person I ever expected to hear that from. He was supposed to be Clay's biggest supporter. But since they became drug runners, their friendship has been strained.

Obviously, I'm perfectly happy with this. Clay is seriously being the biggest douchebag in the world this season. Now I can't help but thinking how this vote is going to turn out.

But let's get to what this episode is REALLY about. I have been THRILLED that Juice is finally getting a main storyline this season, having been one of my favorite characters since the beginning. However, I have also said since episode one this season, that if this gets him killed, I am done watching this show. My threat almost came through tonight.

Theo Rossi (Juice) really shined in this episode. First, I loved the episode opener. Juice kneeling at Miles unmarked grave, praying. All the praise to Kurt Sutter for all the fantastic Juice moments he gave us in this episode. I was literally pleading with my television for Juice not to listen to Eli. The one thing I have to say is that I am really starting to like Eli. There is nothing he can do. He already tried to get Juice off the hook, but with the DA breathing down his neck, he has to do what he's told. The more episodes we see, the more I am convinced that Eli is going to do something to help the Sons, or at least Juice, by the end of this season.

When the DA tries to turn Juice into a rat on the Club, it hits Juice hard. Which leads into the heart wrenching scene where Clay gives him the "Men of Mayhem" patch. I was just in so much pain for him it's indescribable. Here he is, forced to be a snitch, and he has just earned that patch. I can't imagine the pain he is in having to choose between his life and the love he has for the Club. We then come to the final scene. In the dark, beneath the same tree this episode started, Juice is sewing the patch onto his cut. Then, puts it on to hang himself.

You guys have no idea how much I wish I had video of my reaction to this scene. Part of me knew what he was going to do, and the other really hoped I was wrong. After all, what other choice did he have. There's no way he can rat on the Club, and he obviously doesn't want to go back to prison. And he definitely doesn't want the Club to find out the truth, especially after Clay gave him the patch. So, he goes with the only option he has, killing himself before the Sons can find out the truth. Not only that, but he hangs himself over Miles' unmarked grave. He is dying for his sins.

When he put that chain around his neck I stood from my chair and started sobbing instantly, screaming at my television. It was legitimately and physically painful to watch that scene. In fact, I was crying so much that I didn't hear the branch breaking and the thud of him falling to the ground with the Sons logo came on the screen. I had to go back and watch it again when I read a post on Tumblr saying that Juice wasn't dead.

Although he is still alive, I am still keeping my promise. If Juice dies, I am done with this show. In the meantime, ALL THE AWARDS TO THEO ROSSI FOR THIS EPISODE. ALL OF THEM.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MTV do to a 'Rocky Horror' remake.

There are no other words to say except that I find this VERY unacceptable MTV.

I knew there was a reason I hated MTV now, besides the fact that they don't even play music anymore.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Fall Top 10 TV Girl Crushes

I was browsing through tumblr like i do pretty much every day and i got an idea to compile a list of my Fall Tv girl crushes. The girls i'd love to be friends with or related to. So here's a list of my top 10 girl crushes in no particular order:
1. Jessica Parker Kennedy
Jessica plays Melissa on The CW's newest show The Secret Circle. 
2. Candice Accola
Candice plays Caroline Forbes (otherwise known as Vampire Barbie) on the Vampire Diaries. 

3. Britt Robertson
Britt Plays Cassie Blake on the The CW's new show The Secret Circle. 

4. Phoebe J Tonkin
Phoebe plays Faye on The Secret Circle. She's bad-ass.

5. Nina Dobrev
Nina plays bad ass Katherine and her doppleganger Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

6. Malese Jow
Malese plays a vampire ghost on The Vampire Diaries.

7. Claire  Holt
Claire Holt always plays on The Vampire Diaries as Rebekah, Klaus' sister. 

8. Alexandra Chando
Alexandra plays Emma Baker and Sutton Mercer on ABC Familys The Lying Game.
9. Emily Vancamp
Emily plays Emily on ABC's Revenge.
10. Rachel Bilson
Rachel plays Dr Zoe Hart on The CW's new show Hart of Dixie. 

The Walking Dead gives a bloody comeback!

AMC's gory hit The Walking Dead continues it's supreme reign of everything horror on cable networks. Bringing in a whopping 7.3 million in it's second season premiere last night, the hour and half long episode reminded us all why this show is so fantastic.

It's nothing exciting to breakdown on a jammed packed freeway. But when you have a swarm of zombies heading towards you... it could get a little intense. I applaud this episode's writer for creating such a high intense mood in the first ten minutes. The episode turns into a manhunt as one of the groups children disappears in the woods after being chased by a couple walkers. Now, I could talk about this episode for ages, but there are a few scenes that I would like to mention.

When Andrea argues with Dale to give her gun back. Now, I have to admit, I thought she was whining a bit. But, that scene was fabulous. I have never heard an argument where I actually ended up siding with the person that wanted to commit suicide. No matter what she says, of course it has something to do with her sister's death, but I still ended up siding with her. The world is different, and if she wanted to end it in a bang instead of being eaten to death by monsters, or becoming one herself, I honestly can't blame her for that. Bravo for the writing and acting of that scene.

At the the same time, I cheered when Lori finally spoke up to Andrea and made her shut up.

I noticed while liveblogging the episode on Tumblr last night, that a couple fans were upset that it drew the religious card. I disagree. I didn't see it that way at all. I actually think when Rick was pleading inside the church for a sign, was the best scene of the episode. He has become the leader of these group of surviving misfits. He is the one that has to make all the hard choices and now, there is a kid missing. They have nowhere to hide, nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to but an endless road ahead. He was pleading for help. For a sign. A great scene for actor Andrew Lincoln.

Especially considering how the episode ended. A deer, still surviving in this apocalyptic world. It's supposed to be a sign. I honest to God thought that the missing kid was going to suddenly burst out of the trees and then the credits would roll. I DID NOT expect Rick's son to get shot by a hunter. I was watching the episode with my mother, and we both screamed.

Although I expect the viewing numbers to drop slightly in the second episode as they usually always do, with an ending like that, I expect somewhere between 5 and 6 million to pop back in next week.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Slither - Episode 5 of The Secret Circle

Jessica Parker Kennedy is such a bad-ass this episode. She has a new spot on my list of new TV girl crushes. Here's my comments and reactions to Episode 5:
  • Hello Nick. You can come wake me up for school like that any day of the week. Even on the weekends.
  • eek. Melissa must be PMSing....oh wait she's got that demon thingy in crawled into her ear.
  • I believe Grandma is starting to get suspicious and is on to you Cassie. 
  • Geez Melissa take a midol or something would you?
  • I'm still iffy about these parents....I know they are trying to get their powers back...but i'm still suspicious of them...i dont trust them.
  • Holy eff Melissa....Creepy. 
  • This totally looks like they are digging in my brother in laws' back yard. seriously.
  • I'm pretty sure that suitcase doesnt have a book of shadows in reeks of something evil.
  • Aw Grams is being a concerned parental figure. "Please don't make the same mistake." You know Cassie you should just tell her. She probably already knows, and I'm sure she can teach you everything you need to know about being a witch. Besides Grandma witches are always way cooler than mom witches.
  • His name is Charles. Diana's dad name is Charles... see I knew i'd start to remember the parent's names eventually. He's still creepy and weird....and reeks of evil.
  • Yea that's not creepy or anything Melissa.....because you know we all know you dont normally talk like that.
  • 20 points to Faye for figuring out something isnt right with Melissa. Excellent facial expression Faye. 
  • Hello Diana and Adam.
  • Whipped cream. Well this just got a whole lot more kinky.
  • Holy Jeebus Melissa. Damn Jessica Parker Kennedy. Bow down.
  • Diana and Adam, this is hot. Finally some hot and steamy action.
  • aww poor adam. way to get cock-blocked by the circle being in trouble. 
  • aww Nick i love you for saying that. "We have to save her." you really do care about Melissa dont you?
  • Damn. Jessica Parker Kennedy you play one amazing possessed person.  Seriously.
  • Finally Cassie tells grandma whats going on. 
  • Grams to the rescue. Isnt it always a grams that comes to the rescue on these witch shows? I believe so.
  • "Melissa I know you're in their. I saw you. come back to me." Aww tear tear. Nick you care about it. its so sweet.
  • A Demon needs a host.
  • The demon has now passed from Melissa on to Nick. oh lovely.
  • To get rid of a Demon you have to Drown it or burn it. well i guess that cuts down the time to get rid of it in half, because well you know on charmed, they always had to make a potion and say a spell in order to vanquish a demon. so if you just have to burn it or drown it. it just becomes that much easier right?
  • burning the suitcase in the bathtub. 
  • Oh shcnap.. now we have an evil Nick. this isnt good. its kinda hot. but nut good.
  • "Nicks not here anymore."  that was sexy hot there, the way it was said. 
  • The demon talking " I've come to do what I'm meant to do. I want the circle. I need a new body. yours will do fine." - I probably shouldnt have laughed at this line but i did.
  • The parents have knocked Nick/demon out. and now have to drown him.
  • They are drowning Nick. THIS ISNT GOING TO END WELL!!!
  • WHAT THE HELL!! Don't just stand there!!! Give him CPR!!! 
  • This isnt right, He shouldnt be dead. they could have saved him. Gave him CPR like Bonnie did to Matt on The Vampire Diaries. 
  • UGH. This is just not kosher.
  • Cassie and grams had a heart to heart.
  • "What good is magic if you can't save the people you care about?" 
So now whats going to happen to the circle now that Nick is dead? Is there power broken up? are they no longer bound? did they really burn all those demon snakes that were in the suitcase or did a couple slip out? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Reckoning, or shall I say Klaus throws a fit.

Last night I finally got to watch the latest episode of the Vampire Diaries. (Yes I know, a day late and a dollar short. Welcome to my life.)  However I was rather under the influence of some pain pills that I was taking for my toothache and well my comments and reactions might me a little whack or odd or maybe they just seem normal. 
  • Oh hello Matt. We've missed you. Wait..Why are you acting like inspector gadget? 
  • Ahhh. oh it just's mouse traps being set up by the Mickey Mouse club.
  • Uh Oh! Spaghetti o's someone's super pissed off!!
  • Hello Krazy Katherine. Kissing Damon while he's driving? Really? thats an accident waiting to happen. Oh wait though, Damon's already undead so he cant really die in a car crash now can he. 
  • Elena where the eff are you going? you know you aren't supposed to go anywhere by yourself. 
  • Well well if it isnt Rebekah. Jealous Rebekah. Yesh Remind me not to make her mad. 
  • Oh but seeing Rebekah and Stefan fight is sooo hott!!!  oo
  • My school never did a school wide senior prank day...what the heck thats soo not fair.
  • uh oh. something's going to happen to Dana. 
  • Katherine Kidnapped Jeremy? AHAHAHAHAHA - Excuse me i've fallen off my bed laughing. 
  • Aww my Vampire Barbie making out with her Werewolf boy. 
  • and Carebear just wants everyone to be happy. 
  • Holy shit Rebekah. Jeebus. Dont touch my Barbie you whacko.
  • Bonnie and Matt t-ping the pool? this is boring. I love Matt, I do...but this convo is blah.
  • ohh ghost in the bathroom. Hi Vicki,
  • This is not going to be good Dana. Poor girl. 
  • "Where's Stefan? what'd you do with him?" - "Stefan's on a time out". 
  • oh look the mickey mouse club (minus Caroline) is in the gym with Pissed off Klaus and his Bratty jealous sister Rebekah. oh schnappy this is going to get bad.
  • oh now shit. Figures. Klaus would attempt to turn Tyler into a hybrid. That was bound to happen
  • Rebekah and Klau's bickering makes me giggle...
  • AHAHAHAHA Rebekah just drags Tyler across the floor like he's a bag of potatoes. heheehe
  • How, why did she kidnap Jeremy?
  • Ohh! Because Pearl knew something and so Anna must know this information. and Jeremy has access to Anna. Katherine needs Ghost Talking Boy. Got it.
  • Why do I always laugh whenever Elena gets hit or thrown across the room?
  • buh-bye Dana.
  • Michael the Michael the vampire who hunts vampires. OOOOO thats Sebastian!!!!
  • "Why is that Doppelganger bitch wearing my necklace?" hehehehe 
  • Damn Rebekah, you need to be take a chill pill. you did not have to attack Elena like that. jeebus.
  • Bonnie now has 20 mins to save Tyler. 
  • oooo Vicki is trying to get Matt's attention... ooooo
  • Matt are you stupid or something? I know you want to see Vicki...but come on trying to drown yourself???? soooooo dumb and stupid.
  • and why are you jumping into the pool with your clothes on? at least take your shirt off or something. 
  • Super Bonnie to the rescue!!!
  • "Thanks for the concern Dick!" ahahahahaha 
  • "The Damon I remember wouldn't be that stupid!" - "I wouldn't have done it for you." baaha Burn!!!!
  • Vicki has a message for Bonnie.
  • Damn Stefan. I' just speechless.
  • Run Run Elena the big bad Stefan is going to get you!! 
  • You did not fix Stefan you idiot!!! 
  • ohh poor Tyler. you are now one of the elite. 
  • DAMON TO THE RESCUE!! Wonder pets go!!!
  • He's always saving Elena.
  • Aww the happy couple. Vampire Barbie and Hybird boy!!
  • AWW Matt can see Vicki now!!! 
  • "Where were you Damon?" "I shouldn't have left. I promise you I will never leave you again" BAWLING UGLY TEARS!!!!
  • Why am i still crying??
  • Stefan is acting like first episode Damon.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High - The Lying Game.

The run down: [the only things that are actually important in my book]
The real Sutton who is pretending to be Emma is released from jail. and Lexi (Emma's best friend) (otherwise known as Becky from FNL),  is the one who picks her up. She lets her stay at her place. Sutton got a taste of what its like to be middle class, she also told off Emma's lousy foster mom. (Yay for that.)

Meanwhile Emma who is pretending to be Sutton, apologizes to Ethan about her drunkenness the other night and accidently lets it slip that that she's never had sex before. As Emma tries to evade the conversation they make their way through the living room and overhear Kirsten and Ted arguing (Sutton's adoptive parents.)

Emma comes to terms with the fact that the family she has been living with are all telling lies.They lie about everything to each other. No one seems to ever tell the truth.

You can tell that Lexi knows its not Emma. She's Emma's best friend of course she's going to be able to tell the difference, especially when Sutton shows up at school wearing a fashionable dress. Sutton gets her and Lexi invited to a casino party and she manages to convince Lexi to steal money out of her mothers special jar and go to the party. Sutton sucks at black jack, and this random hot guy ( i forgot his name) takes over as the dealer and basically manipulates the game so that Sutton (he thinks its Emma, the same girl who keyed his car the year before) can win her money back.

Kristin, (Sutton's adoptive mom) reveals to Emma that they lied about her birth mother being dead. (We've known that since the beginning.) She also tells Emma that all she knows is the name on the birth certificate. Little does she know that that's not the truth at all. Mama-Kristin has no idea that her husband has been lying to her. Oh schnap.

Derek broke up with Char, because Alec blackmailed him into it. I really hate Alec. He needs to get shot or hit by a bus. ( i say that phrase way too much.)

Char gets a strange phone call from her Aunt Annie that she's never met and isnt allowed to talk about. If you havent been watching the show or keeping up this far, then I'll fill you in. Annie is Sutton and Emma's birth mom, and Ted and Alec have been trying to keep everyone from finding out.

Derek overhears Char talking to Mads about her random phone call from her Aunt Annie. Being pretty clever he tries to blackmail Alec with the information, saying that he will tell him what he knows, but only if he lets him get back together with Char. (Derek obviously really likes and cares about Char.)

Ethan. Ethan. Ethan. I love Ethan. This episode he spent trying to tell Emma not to worry about everyone's feelings. To just tell them what she knows.

Sutton has a goodbye conversation with Lexi and gets on a bus headed back to Phoenix.

Oh I almost forgot about the nasty Letter that Sutton mailed to her parents about Emma. Luckily Emma was able to intercept it. And she shared the letter with Ethan and nearly breaks down about having to leave and saying good bye to everyone and to leaving Ethan behind. and Ethan says (probably my favorite line out of the whole episode) "Wherever you go Emma, I'm coming with you." Swoon.

Overall this episode was pretty okay, nothing super shocking. The only thing that is really memorable is Ethan telling Emma that he's going to go with her, if she has to leave. (Sqee.)


  • So we know that Annie is Char's Aunt and that Annie is Emma and Sutton's birth mother. I have a feeling that Alec is Emma and Sutton's birth father. which would be incestuous considering that Sutton slept with Thayer....but then maybe Ted is their real father? My bets are on Alec. He seems to be the only one who knows that Sutton has a twin.
  • I'm pretty sure half of the nonsense that has happened on this show could have been avoided if Sutton had just shown up from the bus stop with Emma in tow and confront her adoptive parents. but i suppose that wouldn't be very good television now would it? 
  • For Monday's season finale, I'm really hoping that the fact that Sutton has a twin comes out.